Running DOBC

If you’re reading this it means you’re interested in running DOBC yourself. It may have been passed on to you, or you may just like the curriculum and want to use it to start your own DOBC. Either way, thank you for reading this!

This page is a growing checklist, warning, notes, and fables from those teaching and contributing to DOBC. If you read this, heed it’s warnings and take it’s lessons to heart you will no doubt be on your way to success.

Before You Begin

Meet-Space Lectures

Just like any public speaking engagement, you should review what you’re going to do and practice it in real time. This means you should say the things you’re going to say and even do the activities the students will do.
Always have a buddy.
Teaching alone can be done, but if at all possible try to have a teaching ‘buddy’. This person is at least about as expert on the topics you’re covering as you are. Your buddy can field questions, help with TODOs, and can even take over the lesson if you need them to (you might need to go to the bathroom, who knows).
Always be taking notes.

As a lecturer you won’t always teach perfectly. You won’t get it perfect the first, second, third, or even last time – but you should always strive for perfection.

Take notes on what could have gone better, questions that were asked, and confusions students had. The DOBC curriculum can be very dense and sometimes it skims over important stuff. During each lesson be sure to improve the curriculum based on your notes. Whoever teaches it next time will thank you.

Online Engagement

Adding to Lessons

Attribute Images
We do our best to attribute images by linking them to the website we got them from. If you add images to the website try to do the same.