The DevOps BootCamp content is available for free but meet-space guided lectures are offered throughout the year. Check the schedule below for our in-person lectures; each lecture covers a different part of the curriculum covering the entire course during the OSU academic school year.


If you are working ahead be aware that the schedule and slides may be subject to change. Check back regularly.


Lesson Date/Time Location Description
DevOps Daycamp Oct 1, 10am-3pm OSU KEC 1001 DevOps DayCamp (DOBC Kickoff)
Fall Meeting 2 Nov 5, 11am-3pm OSU KEC 1001 Files, Verson Control, Programming
Fall Meeting 3 Dec 3, 11am-3pm OSU KEC 1001 Frameworks, Testing and CI


Lesson Date/Time Location Description
Winter Meeting 1 Feb 11, 11am-3pm OSU KEC 1001 Security and Databases
Winter Meeting 2 Feb 25, 11am-3pm OSU KEC 1007 Dev Tools, DNS, and CM


Lesson Date/Time Location Description